Dear Greg and Aman,

Thank you for the opportunity to pitch for the role of composer for your film "Bunuelesque".

​I really like the look of this project and the ideas behind it. This is the type of film and content I connect with and I feel that I would be a good fit for your work.

I'm easy to work with, budget friendly, and take on board feedback and criticism. I'm a team player and want what is best for the project.

I’ve currently scored about a dozen shorts as well as a feature and I enjoy bringing the director’s vision to life.

​I've included three different versions of my pitch below and some additional audio samples below that.


Video 1

I’ve used a series of dark synthesiser drones and atmospheres here with a reversed piano melody over the top to create an unsettling atmosphere without going too far down the horror path.

Video 2

I went full “John Carpenter” on this one and only used sampled 1980s synthesisers. This is my favourite of the three and very much in the vein that I like to write.

Video 3

Here I’ve taken a bit more of a traditional approach focusing mainly on creating a more ominous atmosphere, again built off synthesiser drones.

Audio samples

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