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I write original music for film, television, and games. I love passionate creators, helping people succeed, and crafting music that brings their vision to life. 

Below is a small selection of my recent work.

For more information please click here to visit my home page.


Ben Tinker is a film composer, producer, and guitarist from Sydney, Australia. Ben studied classical guitar under the guidance of Raffaele Agostino (Sydney Conservatorium). His music covers a diverse range styles and genres, uniquely bridging the gap between director’s vision and viewer’s experience. He has written and produced music for directors and artists from all around the world.


​Ben has been active in many rock and metal bands and is the creative mind behind the extreme metal band Embrace the Dawn.

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Power Trip - Short Film

Dolls - Short Film

Love in Looping - Short Film

Blue Lonely Holidays II - Short Film

Blue Lonely Holidays - Short Film

Gumnut Xanadu Cumulus Nebulus - A learning Aide - Short Film

Iron Cove Man - Short Film

6 Degrees of Separation - Short Film

Pablo Velazquez Shoeboarding - Feature Film

Vulture el Horridor - Short Film

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